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ACCELERA connects handcrafters, small business, social entrepreneurs to large organizations, investors and the public sector. ACCELERA is formed by a group of young, ambitious, innovative people whose common goal is to unite small and large businesses in the country and thus ensure success for every business in the market.

Led by the idea that every novelty and creativity in the market is very welcome and should find its way to success, we try to primarily promote and offer them to customers, but also to be a bridge between them and existing and well-known companies that they will also help them achieve their goal. We are collaboration enablers and impact makers.

Our Aims

Collaboration enablers and impact makers

The right tool to boost your growth or contribute to purpose-driven companies

Our Community

Start, scale and grow your small business through our platform. We are here to support you in the most crucial stages of your business and connect you to vitally important partners to succeed. Becoming part of our platform you will have an opportunity not just to promote your business, but to collaborate with corporate and other organisations and participate in costumsized or co-designed acceleration programs for your development and further strengthening your business model. Find the program that best suits your business, join in and take advantage of the development opportunity.

Large companies, organizations and institutions, do you feel responsible for the environment you serve, do you show corporate social responsibility in the right way, do you bear enough responsibility by properly directing resources to sustainable and conscious actions that benefit society as a whole?

 ACCELERA is here for you, to find and redirect investments in the community with greater awareness, with greater responsibility, with greater benefit. Find and support! By supporting some of the Impact programs, you are directly investing in the development of a craftsman, entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, start up or small business. Helping them on the path to achieving their mission and vision, you are becoming an impact maker.

Reinventing, recreating and redesigning towards new customer relations
Shaping new changes through living business purposes in whole
Strengthening business models and increasing the impact
Connecting the best Artisans and Handcrafters with companies that support their growth

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Right tool to boost your growth or contribute to purpose – driven companies
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Our community connects handcrafters, small business, social entrepreneurs to large organizations, investors and the public sector. We are collaboration enablers and impact makers.
Society issues cannot be solved alone, they ask for collaboration. Unemployment is one topic that we aim to help decrease through supporting and promoting small business, startups and most of entrepreneurs in any shape and form from the Western Balkans W6, focusing on North Macedonia.

We re-defined business models by positive contribution and deepening customer relations.
New models, new concepts, new way of working which actually works good for business as well as for society.